Sea of Cortez

Experience what very few people have. A journey where there are no roads, very few people and almost no boats. The stars at night are so close that you can reach out and are surprised that you cannot touch them. At night you hear something splashing. It could be anything. Dolphins, marlin, a schools of bonitos? Then you hear the huge sound of blowing and water spouting. It’s a whale! You can’t see him but he sounds big. At a distance you hear the sea lions and pelicans. What a splended way to end a magnificant day. Exploring one island to the next is a magical experience. One that will linger in your memory for years and years to come. The Sea of Cortez remains a secret oasis where the desert meets the sea.

Rocio Del Mar

Rocio del Mar is a deep V hull design and wave breaking bow knuckle to minimize surface wave action against the hull as she moves forward through the sea. Accommodations include 8 staterooms with 2 twin beds and 2 staterooms with a full size lower bed and a single bed on top. All cabins are air conditioned with private head and shower and plenty of storage.

Quino el Guardian

Quino el Guardian is 90 feet long with a 23 foot beam. She is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics and all required safety equipment. Quino comfortably accommodates 16 passengers in 5 cabins, 4 cabins with 4 beds: 2 bunks on each side equaling 4 beds, with additional space for two of the group leaders in the crew quarters. All cabins are air conditioned, 4 spacious bathrooms with a full size shower in each on the dive deck – each bathroom is assigned to a cabin so guests can leave their personal items inside.