Maria la Gorda


A small diving resort, Maria la Gorda, is located on is located in the west of Cuba, about 300 km from Havana, in the bay Bahía de Corrientes. It consists of 38 bungalows, two restaurants and dive center. The dive center is very well equipped. Dives are usually organized three times per day by boat, directly from the pier. Dive planning is quite simple- one day in advance just sign up in the dive center.

From the depth of 15 feet you can observe constituent coral formations with rich flora of more than twenty species of corals (especially gorgonians) and lots of small and medium-sized coral fish; in the rocky holes you can often find lobsters, crabs and green moray eels. With increasing depth, the single coral blocks connect together into chains forming bizarre shapes - a wall of mountains laced with tunnels and canals.

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Facilities & Amenities

  • Front desk
  • restaurants
  • dive shop
  • bar
  • car rental
  • air conditioning
  • satelite TV
  • safe box
  • mini bar
  • balcony or terrace